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Polaris People For The Week Of April 5: Patrick Watson's Orchestra & Besnard Lakes' Saturation Coverage
APRIL 05 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
Hey, have you seen the latest Scion FR-S? You know, its four-cylinder boxer engine generates an impressive 200 horsepower. And, it's quite a sexy beast. On an unrelated note, Scion has officially been announced as the new presenting sponsor for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize. They're legit. Check out their Scion Sessions musical roster. In other important
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Polaris Music Prize Introduces New Presenting Sponsor And Reveals Key 2013 Dates

APRIL 04 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
Steve Jordan, Founder and Executive Director of the Polaris Music Prize, today announced the key dates and new presenting sponsor of the 2013 Polaris Music Prize.
Continuing a tradition of holding the Long List announcement across the country that started last year in Vancouver, the Long List of 40 titles will be revealed Thursday, June 13 at
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Polaris People For The Week Of March 29: Braids' Easter Dilemma & Shad Album Update
MARCH 29 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
Spring is officially here and the Polaris gnomes are starting to get all the pieces together for the big run up to selecting the 2013 Polaris Music Prize winner. That means the jurors are being fed a constant IV drip of new albums to listen to, the vote-counters are dusting off their gold-plated abaci and the fancy paper hats are being purchased for
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Polaris People For The Week Of March 22: YT//ST's Shooting Spree and Drake's Good Deeds
MARCH 22 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
Have you been checking out our regular Polaris Picks? That's where our jurors throw down and declare for albums they think deserve to win the 2013 Polaris Music Prize. Hollerado, Suuns and Daniel Romano have all been championed in recent weeks. There's a group of people who've already proven their worth in Polarisland — the past Short- and Long-List
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Polaris People For The Week Of March 15: Grimes Of Westeros, Tegan And Sara Talk To Children
MARCH 15 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
Death March, wazzzzuuupp. Anyone losing their mind yet? Y'know, what with South by Southwest, the East Coast Music Awards, Canadian Music Week (Juno Awards don't count because they're in April this year)... but yeah, man it's getting busy. There is one saving grace to the sore feet, aching back and inevitable touch of flu that results from shaking
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