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Polaris People: Stompin' Tom Connors Tribute Edition
MARCH 08 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
On Wednesday, March 6 Stompin' Tom Connors, perhaps the single-most definingly Canadian musician to ever step up to a microphone, passed away due to natural causes at age 77. The tributes have come quick and wonderfully, with Tom getting called Canada's Woodie Guthrie, the ultimate patriot, an unlikely punk rock icon, and one of the nation's great poets.
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Polaris People For The Week Of March 1: Ron Sexsmith Karaoke Choices And Stars Get Theatrical
MARCH 01 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
It's pretty common knowledge that vinyl sales are way up everywhere amongst true believers, but there's apparently another thought-dead music medium that's apparently on the rise as well, at least in the States — independent local FM radio stations. We'll see how this trends in Canada but we'd welcome a world without DJbot 3000s and monolithic cross-format
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Polaris People For The Week Of February 22: 10 Great Gifs Edition
FEBRUARY 22 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
Sometimes we here in Polarisland need to shake things up a bit. So rather than compile all the latest brilliant bits of intersection between the music media and past Polaris nominees like we usually do, this week we did something different — we went gif hunting. That's right, we plunged headfirst into Tumblr's darkest depths of fandom and here's what
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Polaris People For The Week Of February 15: Awards Updates & NSFW Videos
FEBRUARY 15 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
We don't live in a bubble here in Polarisland. So we're pretty excited to congratulate First Aid Kit on winning the third annual Nordic Music Prize for their album, The Lion's Roar. Likewise, mazel tov to Drake for winning the best rap album Grammy Award and being so excited about it he ripped his outfit apart Hulk-style. A reminder, the SiriusXM Indies
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Polaris People For The Week Of February 8: Stompin' Lindi Ortega & A Tribe Called Public Enemy
FEBRUARY 08 2013 • By Aaron Brophy
How about those Grammys? That'll be the glittering thing happening on the television box on Sunday night. It must be tough over in their universe. After all, they've got about 700 categories (actually 81) they've got to sift through, like "Best Surround Sound Album" and "Best Historical Album" (c'mon Old-Time Smoky Mountain Music: 34 Historic Songs,
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