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My record's awesome. How do I submit my recording for Polaris consideration?

Congratulations, you've made an awesome record! The good news is, if you're Canadian and your record is more than 30 minutes/8 tracks long plus a few other criteria listed in our rules above, it's already eligible for Polaris consideration. There is no submission process. That means every artist has an equal opportunity regardless of their marketing savvy or budgets.

Can I still send you my record? It is awesome after all.

Sure. We don't return packages or critique, review or publish them. But we do listen, because we like music.

Send to:
Polaris Music Prize
516 Roxton Road
Toronto, Ontario
M6G 3R4

How is the jury selected? Who decides?

The Polaris jury is comprised of journalists, broadcasters, bloggers, programmers and other experts in the field of devouring and deciphering new Canadian music. Jury members are selected each year by The Polaris Executive Director and Polaris Board of Directors. No one with a direct financial relationship to the music or its creators is allowed on the jury.

Can I be on the jury?

Maybe. If you are regularly covering new Canadian music for print, TV, radio or web media we'd be happy to hear from you, and consider you. Send us email that denotes your affiliation. Include links to published, aired, or webbed work that shows you have experience selecting and opining on current Canadian music.

Do you have a list of contacts for the jury members?

No, we do not. Jury members and their affiliations are listed on our site here. Feel free to direct any enquiries to their respective media outlets. Polaris frowns on our jury members being "pitched". Any influence on their ballot should come from the music itself. Harassing phone calls or emails extolling the virtues of your record will most likely have the opposite to the desired effect. The best approach is to get them the record, make sure they got it, and leave it at that.

How are the nominees decided? What is the criteria?

The 40-title Long List and the 10-title Short List are voted on by the jury based on their own tastes and determinations. They pick their ballot selections bases on what their individual criteria for best album is. We do not have a scorecard for lyrics, production, height, length, smell or anything of the sort.

Do you have any quotas? Sales caps? Anything like that?

Nope. None. Nada.

Where can I get my hands and ears on some of this music?

See our retail links on the right side of each page (near the bottom).

I have another question, but it may not be frequently asked. Who can I ask?

You can direct your questions to He'll answer them as soon as he gets a chance.